Paint & Pinot
Paint & Pinot
Art Therapy!
Art Therapy!

Licensed Artist/Owner of Heartwork City Studios-home of Mixed Media Paint & Pinot Art Classes.Helping you find your HAPPY through art therapy & creativity!

Using my own intuitive, clinical & artistic skills, I will help you unlock your greatest potential and unleash the power of your ‘soul plan’. Together, we create a safe & knowing ‘space’ where you will develop skills & tools to be fully in your power.

Once upon a time….I went to college. I studied and learned and took tests and thought I had figured it all out. I finished a master’s degree in clinical psychology, took all the exams, and had heaps of clients. And then one day I realized something. Therapy is useless if you are not in touch with your soul desires. You know…wishes. Dreams. I’m talking about PASSION here people!

Paint & Pinot Feeds Her Spirit

Paint & Pinot helps customers feel connected to their artwork. Feeling like you’re not creative? Step-by-step instruction helps you love your canvas!

They Love Paint & Pinot!

There’s no doubt that the relaxed & nurturing environment of Paint & Pinot is fun and fulfilling. Worried you can’t paint? Then you’re PERFECT for Paint & Pinot! I’ll prove that you have creativity!

Paint & Pinot is Fun with Friends!

Bring a friend. Paint a masterpiece. Try something new! These ladies are proof that P & P is a blast. Sign up for a class today!