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What Is Artful  Hypnotherapy?

Fmakeartor 15 years I was as a clinician in the field of Marriage & Family Therapy. Years of private practice and working in the field of psychology & clinical treatment yielded frustration. “Why are these clients still struggling?” I would ask myself. As time moved forward, I realized that not all clients in therapy seemed to benefit from the typical form of treatment offered. So I decided to change the way I practiced. Directive treatment through art is the result of my years of experience as a clinician in the field of psychology, teaching as a college professor, and my work as a professional artist. I utilized these skill sets to create a system of guidance & treatment which helps to alleviate symptoms.  This modality is my own design. And although I am not a licensed art therapist, I engage my clients in a way that goes beyond regular clinical guidance. With hypnosis and art, you will benefit from unblocking self sabotaging behaviors, re-write past stories, and use a creative approach (in trance) to achieve your desired outcomes. The goal is to help you connect your right brain (creative/non-analytical), heart (intuitive knowing) and creativity (we all have it!) to help you find balance and relief.  “But I’m not creative nor am I artistic, Denise….” You don’t have to be. “I don’t know how this will ever produce results?” It will. If you can connect to your creativity (I call this your “inner guidance system”)–you will discover how capable you are at healing your heart & discovering your passion. Passion yields stability & JOY! Is art treatment right for you? Answer these questions:

1. Do you feel lost? Are you on a journey to find your true “self”?

2. Have you lost a loved one? Are you mourning anything that has changed or disappeared in your life (relationships, career, friendships)?

3. Are you bored? Do you seek a change?

4. Have you recently gone through a major change in your life (divorce, separation, new job, new circle of friends?)?

5. Are you looking for your ‘spark’? A new passion? A new direction?

6. Do you seek deeper meaning in your life?

7. Have you been diagnosed with a chronic illness? Are you seeking psychological stabilization & hope as the result of chronic (or singular event) health issues?

Have a teen or child in need of support for behavior or self-esteem issues? Artful hypnotherapy is a natural fit to help guide children through tough times as they grow and develop. I’ve moved away from the ‘talk therapy’ model to support children through artistic expression. Research shows this supports insight into emotions (and helps children better understand their moods), as well as builds strong links to increased self-esteem and positive self-expression. New approach. Better results. Proven.

photo 1 copyIn 2014 I embarked on a journey to reach out to individuals and families who are or have a family members battling cancer. Having experienced the loss of my only sibling from breast cancer in 2012, I knew that those undergoing treatment, as well as their family members, could benefit from my art treatment. I invite you to email or call me for further information. I am honored to be a part of the Board of Directors for Along Comes Hope…a local non-profit which supports families who have children with cancer.

Call me or use my SCHEDULING tool to set up an appointment. $110 per session (sessions last approximately an hour and 15 minutes). Typically clients will find needed results within 8 sessions. You know you’re ready.

Call me for a free question & answer session. I would love to talk to you! (805) 835-5991.