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Podcast - Denise Braun - Self Hypnosis and Happiness - #PivotToHappy

Thank you for tuning in to the Pivot to Happy Podcast! Where Tara Reed and I discussed Artful Hypnotherapy and the possibility of silencing your Inner Critic! Once you tell that internal judgment center to go take a hike, you are more able to make positive choices in your life. With the help of self-hypnosis you can begin to integrate mantras (aka positive affirmations) into your subconscious. The outcome? Increased joy, well being, relaxation and happiness. And it only takes about 5 minutes a day.

Self-Hypnosis Review:

Start by sitting/resting in a relaxed place (your bed, a chair…somewhere quiet). Next, pick a focal point to look at. Choose something immediately in front of you within your natural line of vision. Before we begin, think about something you’d like to affirm in your life or to work towards. Once you’ve identified that thing, repeat the affirmation either out loud or in your mind. For instance: “I am grateful for all of the abundance in my life” or “I am becoming more grateful for all of the happiness in my day to day life.”

Then follow these instructions–


While you’re looking straight ahead, notice (3) different items or occurrences in front or around you. You can utilize your peripheral vision, too. Then phrase what you see in the form of : “I am now aware….” . For instance: “I am now aware of the ceiling fan spinning,” or “I am now aware of the window shade being half-way drawn.” You can repeat these ideas in your mind’s eye or out loud (it’s up to you). ¬†Find three different visual cues. Next….


Just as you did with the visual cues, notice (3) different auditory items or occurrences around you. Phrase your awareness as we did in the Visual Cue exercise. For instance, “I am now aware of the clicking sound coming from the fan,” or “I am now aware of the dripping faucet in the bathroom.” Do this (3) times by recognizing three different sounds. Then….


As we did with the Visual and Auditory Cues…now notice (3) different physical responses as you sit, staring at the fixed object. These might be ways that your body is feeling or responding to your environment. For instance, “I am now aware that my fingers are tingling,” or “I am now aware that my arm is cool from the fan’s breeze.” Do this 3 times with three different physical cues.

At this point, you’ve moved through 9 total awarenesses as you sit, meditating on that fixed focal point. You may be feeling calm, relaxed and peaceful. If you are not moving into a relaxed physical and psychological space, you may repeat the steps until you feel your breath deepening, and your eyes becoming sleepy. Feel free to close your eyes when your eyelids can no longer remain open. As you move into deeper relaxation, REPEAT YOUR MANTRA in your mind’s eye or aloud. Say your mantra/affirmation 3 x.

If you’re in bed, ready for evening sleep, you may find yourself drifting into dream state which is great! You’re sure to sleep more peacefully and more deeply. Congratulations! You’ve mastered self-hypnosis! Continue to use this technique and watch how quickly you can move into deep relaxation and peaceful thinking.

Immediate Response Exercise

On the Pivot to Happy Podcast I discussed a technique which helps you by-pass critical mind (in our waking state) and start to understand why you may be reacting to a situation which triggers you. I call this exercise the Immediate Response Exercise as it requires you to complete an idea/statement without allowing your conscious thought process to interfere. This is how you shut down your inner-critic and learn what your subconscious has to say. Why? Because by-passing your critical mind gets you into that subconscious space that provides more honest information about yourself and the situation. No judgement = bigger truth! Here’s how it works.

Think of a situation where you are or have been triggered. What is triggering? When you react to something that has happened to or around you and display any of the following behaviors: defensiveness, fear, isolation, anger, depression, anxiety, etc.

Once you’ve discovered that trigger situation, get out a piece of paper and number 1-5 on the left hand corner. Now, one at a time, answer the following “statements” with and immediate response. That means write down WHATEVER COMES OUT OF YOUR HEAD! As you’ll recall I mentioned in the Pivot to Happy Podcast that is matters NOT what you think of! Just write it down. Here are your prompts:

  1. I am the most vulnerable when……
  2. What I know about myself…..
  3. The most difficult thing is……
  4. I feel most out of control when…..
  5. Sometimes I wish I knew……

When you’re done, set down your pen and breathe. Take a moment to let your mind rest before reviewing your responses. Now, look at what you’ve written. How does it correspond to your trigger behaviors? Is anything you wrote telling you something about yourself when you feel uncomfortable or pushed to your limit? Now that you know this information about yourself, how can you better understand your trigger responses? The hope is you can begin to integrate this information as a way to gain insight into your character, then re-work whatever isn’t working for you anymore.

Thank you for tuning in! I am available for SKYPE and Google Hangout Sessions if you’d like to begin your journey to whole living and happiness. You can email me at bringonhappiness@gmail.com for more information.

Denise Braun, M.A. is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Art Therapist. The information provided here is for the purposes of individual self-improvement only. Copyright Heartwork City and Heartwork City Studios 2015. Written permission is required to utilize these exercises in group or class format.

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