Paint & Pinot
Paint & Pinot
Art Therapy!
Art Therapy!

Licensed Artist/Owner of Heartwork City Studios-home of Mixed Media Paint & Pinot Art Classes.Helping you find your HAPPY through art therapy & creativity!

Using my own intuitive, clinical & artistic skills, I will help you unlock your greatest potential and unleash the power of your ‘soul plan’. Together, we create a safe & knowing ‘space’ where you will develop skills & tools to be fully in your power.

Once upon a time….I went to college. I studied and learned and took tests and thought I had figured it all out. I finished a master’s degree in clinical psychology, took all the exams, and had heaps of clients. And then one day I realized something. Therapy is useless if you are not in touch with your soul desires. You know…wishes. Dreams. I’m talking about PASSION here people!

Paint Night Feeds Her Spirit

Paint Night is not like other paint and sip classes. Feeling like you’re not creative? Step-by-step instruction helps you love your canvas!

Creativity Is Relaxing!

There’s no doubt that the relaxed & nurturing environment of Paint Night is fun and fulfilling. Worried you can’t paint? Then you’re PERFECT for Paint Night! I’ll prove that you have creativity!

Paint & Pinot is Fun with Friends!

Bring a friend. Paint a masterpiece. Try something new! These ladies are proof that Paint Night is a blast. Sign up for a class today!