About Denisejbundy

“Denise Braun is an uber-creative teacher, mixed media artist and Inspirationalist. The designer of ARTuition, a creative guidance system for unlocking potential and sparking the soul’s passion, Denise delivers tools for helping students manifest their dreams. Through soulful dialogue she inspires you to awaken to your own power and authentic expression. Denise masterfully weaves together intuitive, clinical, and artistic skills into a sparkling blend of wisdom, love and fun!! Her art and spirit imbue light, joy and possibility to all they shine upon.”

I earned my Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology more than 14 years ago…after completing a BS in Child Development with a minor in Art. My clinical background included private practice, working with children, adults, couples and those challenged by trauma. My biggest challenge as a clinician was trying to figure out why all of these ‘models’ of intervention were ineffective for a majority of clients. Not just my clients. But also for many practitioners’ patients over the course of many years.  I soon realized there’s a Recipe for Restoration:

a. The individual has to be seeking a change or be inspired to move forward.

b. Client’s who can unlock creativity & start to grow inspiration from the inside out can actually teach themselves how to heal.

c. Individual’s need a guide or a mentor to facilitate this learning in order to fulfill their heart restoration.

d. You were born with all of the tools you need to heal & be happy. I can help you find what is already yours. I provide the road-map, you provide the journey.

Add in my own gifts of Intuition & healing work, and you have found a magical medium within which to flourish. I have also been a college educator for over 15 years…teaching everywhere from Cal Poly, Cuesta College, Columbia College to Brandman University. I’m a natural teacher. I’m a gifted artist. And I’m a skilled clinician. And my ultimate passion is helping others find their soul song & creative spirit.

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