Denise Braun

If you were to come visit me anytime in the next several weeks, you’d find me in my paint smock out in my micro studio…brushes in hand, hair pinned up into a falling bun. As I prepare for one of my first big art shows, we’d chat about a new approach I’m taking as an experiment within my art (growth is a necessary part of transformation). You would see half full mugs of cold coffee sitting on my work bench along side stacks of unopened mail and my favorite music would be blaring from a very old CD player tucked away in the corner of the very messy room. I may be covered with paint. And I would surely be smiling.

It’s been a fragile somewhat cocooned beginning to 2014 for our family. With two entrepreneur’s walking the line between big dream and how will I pay the electric bills? Sheltering in to work through the “uglies” I often say. The parts that take all of your bravery to complete…or even to start. My children watch this process and feel the stress of us becoming something amazing. I tell them about the hard days, and we sing and dance when the day yields a new discovery and focuses on the goodness we seek in our hearts. “Nothing ever worth having was going to come along easy, now….this is true” I can hear my grandmother say as she knitted in a big oversized chair in her living room. I think I finally got it. It took about 40 years but I’m diving into the struggle with a big fuzzy pink shower cap and lots of desire. The pool of possibilities awaits.

So please do come visit. Tell me about the world around you and the dreams you carry throughout your travels. The friends you meet. The challenges you overcame. I know myself well. Your story will become my inspiration. When the curve of life tilts down, I’m going to shift trajectory. Friends help with this. So does talking. And being moody and stubborn from time to time. And I’m inspired by your love & unconditional acceptance of these things. Inspiration is what pushes me through the muck. Until I can see the crystalline blue water in that pool.