The Thing About Dreams Is…

Denise Braun

I just officially launched my Heartwork City & Soul Studio this weekend. A fabulous group of creative souls filled the whimsical space…sipping Pinot Grigio and painting “Big Love”–our first project in this new venue. My heart fluttered. I stood there, coaching my students through mixed media magic and thought, “I did this. I DID THIS!” Pure joy filled my body. Like little goose-bumpity tingles that ran up and down my arms and legs. This was magical. This IS magical. And this is my dream. Well, at least one large part of my dream.

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You see, the thing about dreams is they are your truth. In the depths of the universe and the magical soul-filled energy that you are and will return to after you leave this earth…there is and always has been a plan for you. A gentle and completely loving spirit guided you into this world and gave you the tools and a soul that is ready to fulfill those desires. The desires you have had since before you were here…as a spirit ready to become a guest on this earth. And I truly think the noble pursuit of your truth is so challenging, but so meaningful. And it starts with a spark.

Heartwork City & Soul Studios is a spark for creative seekers. The kindling needed to set their passions on fire. Without creativity, we fall into a void of loneliness, emotional absenteeism, & fear. Something as simple as gardening, cooking, connecting socially in face-to-face venues, & moving our bodies gives us potential to be who our soul knows we can be. Without the spark, we sit in the darkness & wait for someone or something to fill up our emptiness. But no one will ever BE your spark. YOU already have the potential so deep within your soul. How do you recognize the spark? Vulnerability.

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The first step is being open. Open to the possibility of your truth. Who you are, what you desire, what sets you apart from anyone else on this planet is your soul spark and your dreams. When I first started thinking about being an artist (like a ‘real’ artist who really does make a living at being creative!), I freaked out. “Oh hell like that’s going to happen!” were my thoughts approximately 10x a day. But those thoughts never went away!!! I finally, after years of denial, decided to believe in my own truth. I let down my guard. I started talking about being an artist FULL TIME. I heard a lot of feedback, believe me (“Oh really? Oh ok. Well good luck with that!”). But my spark was growing brighter. I was inspired to sketch late at night and paint all weekend long. And one day….I looked my fear in the face and called it out. “WHY NOT!?” I asked out loud. “I’m going to do this and YOU (fear) will have NO part in my choices. I’m owning this truth. I’m going to be vulnerable to my dream and allow it to show me the way.” And from there, everything changed. I was standing solidly in my power. Committed to my desires. Doors opened that once were closed, I met amazing and motivating people who said, “Yes, you can….”. And I believe them.

And you can too. Shine your light as brightly as it will glow. Write down your ideas & post sticky notes on your mirror reminding you of the miracle that you are. Tell your friends about your biggest dreams and be VULNERABLE. Be you. Be ALIVE.

With Love,


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